Glutammine Peptide 100 cpr

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Glutamine peptide appears to be a more soluble and stable form of the normal glutamine. From the application point of view, the limits of use of L-glutamine is represented by the poor solubility and stability in water while glutamine peptide does not seem to have this problem. Glutamine is an amino acid nutrient most needed, and certainly the most sought after by sportsmen.

Per 2 g of product
Glutamine 2 g

Ingredients: Glutamine peptides.

Carefully read the instructions and warnings. Do not exceed the recommended dose. The supplements are not intended as a substitute to a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children below the age of 3 years. It is necessary to consult with a health care professional in the case of prolonged use (more than 6/8 weeks). The product is contraindicated in cases of kidney or liver disease, pregnant women and children under the age of 12. VitaminCenter reminds you of the importance of following healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet. Store in a cool dry place. Carefully reseal the container after use.

Mix one serving (2 gr) in half a glass of water. Drink once a day with a meal.

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