Do I need to register on the site before placing an order?

No, anyone can access and browse our site without limitations, and place an order (c.d. ‘Guest Order’). The data requested in this case will be those necessary for processing the order. It will be possible, for an unregistered customer, to register after the creation of an order.
In the event that a customer has already registered before and subsequently returns to the site without accessing his own reserved area (ie without making the c.d. ‘login’), he can freely place the order as a Guest. In this case, if during the payment process as a Guest, he enters the registration email address, the site will indicate the possibility of logging in; then the user will always be free to continue as 'Guest' or log in by entering the password previously chosen during registration.
We remind you that registration allows the Customer to access the Vitamin Points program and dedicated promotions. Registration is also required to use the 'referal' coupon and the coupon sent by the friend through the 'Invite a Friend' function.

How do I register on the site?

Go to the Login page and click on the "Register" button on the right; on the following page fill in the fields of the registration form (those with an asterisk are mandatory). The email you indicate will be used to send you important communications and will not be sold or disclosed to anyone. Entering the password will need to be repeated twice to avoid typing errors (we recommend keeping the password in a safe place). Select the "I accept the terms and conditions" checkbox in the registration form to accept the processing of personal data and click on "Register". If you have entered all the data correctly the registration message will appear successfully, otherwise a message will appear explaining which data have not been accepted. The registration phase must be carried out only once. Registration is free and does not commit you to anything.

How can I buy a product?

To purchase a product, you need to access its tab. To do this there are several ways:
• Click on one of the categories that you find in the main navigation menu at the top of the page;
• Click on the "All Trademarks" button also present at the top of the page;
• Search for a product through the search field at the top and center of the page visible through the "Search" label and press the enter key. From the mobile phone instead the 'Search' box will appear by clicking on the magnifying glass icon always present in the upper right corner and the search will be carried out by pressing the ‘search’ button which will appear at the bottom of the box.
Once you have viewed all the products related to the sub-category (product list), to the pre-selected brand or to the search, you can view the tab by clicking on the product, access the product detail page and check if it is available by checking that the green word "Available". Depending on the product, you can select the taste, color or size and you will always have to specify the desired quantity before clicking on 'add to cart'.
When you have finished choosing products, click on the shopping cart icon (the pack icon) at the top right, check your shopping summary and click on "Go to payment". Confirm your details or report a different shipping address and choose the payment method.


What do I do if I forget my nickname and / or password?

In this case, from the Login page, simply click on "Forgot your password?" And follow the instructions; via email you will receive a link for regeneration of the password, for security reasons. Verify the receipt of the email sent automatically by the system, making sure it is not blocked by your anti-spam system.

How do I place an order?

Making an order is very easy: after logging in, choose the products you want by accessing the Product Lists using the navigation menus or the Search Engine. Select a sub-category to see all the products related to that area of interest category, go to the detailed product sheet by clicking on it and then click on the "Add to cart" button. The product will then be added to the shopping cart and can be purchased once the order is confirmed. The products in the cart may only be modified before submitting the order. Once the order is completed it is no longer possible to add or modify products, it is only possible to cancel the order by promptly contacting our assistance.


How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs in Italy are free for orders with an amount equal to or greater than € 35.00; for orders equal to or less than € 34.99 shipping costs amount to € 5.80.
For deliveries outside the Italian territory (mostly in the European Union) shipping costs range is generally from 18€ up to 50€, depending on the destination country.
In some few cases the shipping costs include an extra cost for customs fees.
You can see all the shipping costs outside Italy on the Shipping overseas section of Vitamin Center Shipping price page


I have finalized an order but I have forgotten a product or would like to change a taste, can I do it?

Unfortunately it is NOT possible to change a forwarded order. The computer system does not allow changes to be made and in these cases it is necessary to request the cancellation of the order, contacting the customer service, and repeat the order with the desired products.


Are further discounts applied on orders of a certain size?

On some brands and on products that are not already placed on a special offer, additional discounts are applied in proportion to the purchase volume. Additional discounts, where applicable, will appear during the order definition phase.

What is the "Wishlist"?

The "Wishlist" or wish list allows you to create a customized catalog where you can enter all the products you are interested in and want to keep in mind for future orders. This feature is only offered to registered users.
To add a product to the "Wishlist", enter the article tab that interests you and click on the link on the little heart icon that you find to the right of the product image. To see the products entered in the "Wishlist" click on the little heart icon on the top right of each page. Obviously you can remove products that you no longer care about from Wishlist, or you can move them to the cart if you decide to buy them.
Wishlist and Shopping Cart are two separate and completely different things, be careful not to confuse them.


When will the ordered goods be sent to me?

Generally orders placed before 12.30 am are prepared the same day. When you receive our email confirming shipment, your package will already have left the warehouse. Attention: We cannot guarantee same-day shipping, because the order processing could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure.
In the event that the order contains products that are not available at the moment we will contact you by email or by phone. You can choose whether to wait until those products are available again, to replace them with similar ones, or to cancel the order and receive a refund of the entire amount paid. The order fulfillment email, not to be confused with the automatic confirmation and summary email sent by the system once the order has been finalized, is usually sent late in the evening.
Couriers collect parcels ready for delivery at our warehouses in the evening and travel to destinations overnight. Indicatively, except for unforeseen events, deliveries include 24-hour timings for North and Central Italy and 48 hours for South and Islands.
Orders placed over the weekend (from Friday evening to Sunday) will be taken in charge and shipped the first working day, ie the following Monday, and the tracking code will appear on our website only on Monday evening.
N.B. Couriers do not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.
N.B.2 It is necessary that the customer undertakes to monitor the outcome of the shipment with the tracking code.
It may be advisable to clarify that "processing" of the order means preparing the package and delivering it to the courier. An order placed on Friday afternoon and directed to Palermo, for example, will be processed on the first day (Monday), processed on Monday evening and delivered to the customer probably on the following Wednesday.

What are the couriers used for shipping? Is there a tracking number?

We use GLS and Bartolini for our shipments. When the package is collected by the courier at our warehouses, we send you an email to the address indicated in the order data. Through the tracking number in your Reserved Area on the order page you can follow the package route step by step.

I received the package but something is missing, what can I do?

If in checking the goods received you notice that something is missing compared to what you have ordered and you have not received communications from us on goods that are not available at the moment, contact us immediately by writing an email to or call the following numbers 800.592.050 ( only from landlines) or 0584.1664299.

How to make returns?

If you intend to return the goods, you must notify us within 48 hours of receiving them. The packages must be intact, without any sign of alteration. The cost of the return shipment is your responsibility. Clothing must not be stained or worn (except for a short cut). For more information you can consult the articles from 17 to 22 of the sales conditions or contact our Staff by writing an email to or call the following numbers 800.592.050 (only from landlines) or 0584.1664299.
Important: The delivery information that we print on the labels affixed to the package are the ones we receive with your order, so if the package is returned to us by the courier because an address is incorrect or incomplete, you will be charged for the return of the goods and then the normal delivery costs for the new shipment. Pay attention to the address then, look at it several times before completing the order!
ATTENTION: Vitamin Center Srl accepts the return of open packages only if the product is defective at the origin.
All products must be returned in their original packaging and repacked for transport, otherwise the courier is not authorized to collect them.
Vitamin Center Srl does not assume responsibility for what is declared by the producers in the information provided on their products.
Vitamin Center Srl does not offer any implicit or explicit guarantee on the results obtainable from the use of the products on sale.


I received the package but it is damaged, what can I do?

In this case, please follow the following procedure carefully: when the courier asks you to sign the delivery note, affix "damaged goods" next to your signature, or, if you only suspect that the contents of the package may not be whole, write "subject to control". Once the package has been opened, if the contents are not complete, contact us immediately by writing an email to or by calling the following numbers 800.592.050 (only from landlines) or 0584.1664299. This procedure will allow us to replace the goods as soon as possible.

What are the security guarantees in providing my credit card information?

We recognize the importance of protecting your privacy and the security of your data! Our site does not receive or record information related to your credit card because the payment is automatically directed to the operators of the banking system with encrypted and secure systems. The confidential data of the credit card (card number, expiration date holder, security code) are exclusively transmitted to the bank manager of the payments in an encrypted way, through the https protocol.
Therefore, Vitamin Center never has access and never stores the complete data of your credit card, even if you choose to save your credit card when paying. From your payment page for subsequent orders, you will only be able to see some of the information on the card, and for the sole purpose of making it recognizable, by displaying the expiry date and the last 4 digits.
After saving the credit card, it will be re-proposed at the time of payment to speed up your future purchases, because the complete card data is already stored on the secure site of the payment manager.

I have chosen to pay by bank transfer, where is the data for the payment?

The data to make the bank transfer are summarized in the final phase of the order, in the "Payment methods" table and are also automatically sent via email immediately after the conclusion of the order. In the notes of the transfer it is mandatory to indicate the order number. If you do not receive the confirmation email with the bank details within 5 minutes of completing the order, you must contact the assistance by writing an email to or by calling 800.592.050 (only from landlines) or 0584.1664299. Before contacting support, we advise you to check if the message has been blocked by your spam filter (check your spam or junk mail folder).
Via home banking the procedure is quick, but be careful: shipping will take place only when we have received the bank credit.

Which products do they expire?

Product deadlines are listed on the site. We have worked hard to offer you this (we think very welcome) opportunity, which allows you to immediately see the expiry date of the product on the pages describing the selected item. Products with a short maturity (3 months) are included in a list called "Last Minute" and are subject to a further discount.
N.B. In the case of items that have both long-term lots and short-term lots, be careful to buy exactly what you want. Moreover, when you receive the goods, remember that products from the USA report the date expressed in the month-day-year format.

I am intolerant or allergic to soy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, milk, gluten, etc. How can I be sure I don't make the wrong purchases?

Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee that a product is free of contamination from potential allergens. Those affected by intolerances and / or diseases of any kind purchase the products at their own responsibility. The labels and descriptions on the site may contain errors or involuntary omissions, so always read the label and warnings on the package carefully before consuming the product purchased. An important note concerns the use of GMOs in US products: US legislation is indeed different from ours and in America there are very few companies that worry if for example soy used as an emulsifier is a GMO or not. If you are in absolute opposition to the presence of GMOs, we advise you to buy exclusively European products, with a clear GMO declaration.

What are discount codes, coupons or points? Where do I find them?

Discount codes or coupons are special codes that give the right to discounts of a certain amount on the purchase. These codes are occasionally issued in trade magazines for promotional purposes or during other initiatives advertised on the site and on our social channels. It should be noted that these discount codes are only an additional opportunity for savings, because all the products are already super-discounted and there are many other forms of discounts such as the products given as gifts during specific commercial initiatives. It should be noted that these discount codes are only an additional saving opportunity, because all the products are already super-discounted and there are many other forms of discounts and savings such as the VitaminPoints, a points accumulation system based on the amount spent (read the conditions).

I spent more than XX euros but I didn't receive any gadgets, why?

It should not be forgotten that Vitamin Center processes thousands of orders a day and gadgets are always available in limited numbers. The gadgets are then assigned based on availability and order of arrival and it may happen that they are terminated. The insertion of the gadget is not insured and should not be taken for granted.

Can product prices change without notice? Yesterday I saw a price and today it has changed.

Absolutely yes. Vitamin Center Srl reserves the right to vary the prices of the products also daily based on commercial evaluations, offers and deadlines. It is not possible to estimate these variations, which are often caused by sudden changes in purchase prices from suppliers or currency fluctuations.