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Combat Sports

Boxing /Judo /Karate/Kickboxing /Kung Fu /Taekwondo /MMA

Martial arts and similar combat sports athletes must be particularly fast and agile; the development of these features inevitably comes from the maintenance of a good physical condition, the correct balance between lean and fat mass, and the great availability of energy to support both training and performance.

A good physical condition and the correct body weight balance are the basis for muscular explosiveness and agility, this is true for all sports, especially for combat sports. Sportsmen who practice a martial art should therefore consider using food supplements such as low-calorie diet aids for the control and reduction of body weight. These products are often made with ingredients of plant origin such as bitter orange and green tea extracts which contribute to body weight balance.
Other products are made from other plant extracts that have a specific activity in stimulating carbohydrate (fenugreek) or fat (mate) metabolism. Finally, other plant extracts have the ability to modulate the absorption of nutrients (prickly pear) or control hungry feeling (garcinia cambogia).

Moreover, fighting requires resistance to both physical and mental stress; you can then consider, in adults with moderate use, food supplements with caffeine (however do not exceed the daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine from all sources) that helps to increase sportsmen’s alertness and concentration. Guarana has a tonic activity and contributes to the reduction of mental and physical fatigue.
Vitamincenter also provides a wide selection of food supplements specifically designed for the pre-exercise phase (pre-workout), also made of arginine, ornithine and other amino acid derivatives.

Eventually, for this sport category you may also consider food supplements that contribute to support normal energy-yielding metabolism during physical exercise such as vitamins, in particular group B vitamins, or complete multivitamin that for example thanks to copper, zinc and vitamin E contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

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