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Sports Nutrition

Sportsmen have both higher energy/calorie requirements and have an inadequate intake or have an increased demand for specific nutrients and micronutrients (in the context of a balanced and tailored diet), for the specific sporting discipline they practice, such as proteins in body-building and solutions of carbohydrates and electrolytes (minerals) in endurance sports and during prolonged exercise. To this purpose, Vitamincenter offers specific products, such as foods specifically formulated to assist athletes with balanced nutrients and micronutrients (e.g. bars or beverages), or food supplements containing specific nutrients or micronutrients to supplement a balanced diet in cases of increased requirements. This involves, for example, protein and amino acid supplements (such as branched chain amino acids), supplements of vitamins and minerals suitable for various kinds of sports, creatine supplements for sports that require intense efforts, that are repetitive and short-term (such as body-building and team sports) as well as other products for specific nutritional purposes, from pre-workout supplements to gainers, from supplements of omega 3 fatty acids, to products for the control and reduction of body weight.

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