Micellar Casein 1 kg

Micellar Casein
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Dietary supplement of slow release proteins which assists with tropism and muscle development and is particularly suitable for those who perform intense exercise. Contains sweeteners.
Per serving (22 g)
Energy value of 81,4 kcal
Protein 17,7 g
Carbohydrates 1,5 g
Fat 0,3 g
Calcium 543 mg
Digestive enzymes 33 mg
Alanine 660 mg
Arginine 814 mg
L-Aspartic acid 1628 mg
Cysteine ??198 mg
Glutamine 4202 mg
Glycine 374 mg
Histidine 506 mg
Isoleucine 1232 mg
Leucine 2156 mg
Lysine 1914 mg
Methionine 572 mg
Phenylalanine 1034 mg
Proline 2178 mg
Serine 1166 mg
Threonine 836 mg
Tryptophan 374 mg
Tyrosine 1012 mg
Valine 1320 mg

Ingredients: Milk Protein Concentrate (80% micellar casein, 20% whey protein), cocoa powder (chocolate flavour), flavour, thickener: xanthan gum and guar gum, emulsifier: soy lecithin, colourants: turmeric (banana flavor), beetroot extract (strawberry and wild berry flavour), Digezyme - multi-enzyme complex (amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulase, protease), sweeteners: sucralose and acesulfame K.

Notice: Nutrition facts and ingredients may vary slightly depending on flavor. On our website we post the nutrition facts and ingredients of one single flavor per product.
Carefully read the instructions and warnings. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children below the age of 3 years. Not to be taken during pregnancy, nursing and children or otherwise for prolonged periods without consulting with a health care professional. Contains a source of phenylalanine. The supplements are not intended as a substitute to a varied and balanced diet. VitaminCenter reminds you of the importance of following healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet. Store in a cool dry place. Carefully reseal the container after use.

NOTICE:In December 2012 a new Commission Regulation establishing a list of permitted health claims started applying. Vitamin Center is working with its suppliers and consultants in order to guarantee a complete and fast update in compliance with the Ministry of Health requirements. Please, feel free to contact us for any further information.

Dissolve one scoop of powder in 150 ml of cold water or skim milk using a blender for about 30 seconds. Preferably consume after your workout or before going to sleep. The density can be adjusted according to your personal taste by adjusting the amount of water used for preparation.
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