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Guide for Celiacs - Book
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The diagnosis of celiac disease, i.e. gluten intolerance, initially makes you feel very confused, as gluten is not only hidden in cereals, but also in packaged products, dressings and drugs. A careful reading of the list of ingredients becomes a key issue. This book written by Britta-Marei Lanzenberger and Trudel Marquardt offers menus and cooking recipes, gluten-free, but equally rich in flavours and colours.
Tempting recipes for the whole family
- 80 gluten-free recipes for every day use: tasty dishes suitable for the whole family and also for guests.
- Practical tips: answers to the most frequently asked questions to follow a gluten-free diet.
- Guide on food purchase: extensive review concerning food that contains or may contain gluten and food that instead is definitely gluten-free.
- Tips for eating out: what to buy and eat while you are travelling, with friends or at the restaurant.
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