Professional Series Camo

Grip support
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The Most Advanced, Scientifically Developed Accessory, designed for superior strength, durability and double reinforced tough.
 Extended Grip Length - allows more of the grip to be wrapped around the bar for a stronger hold and added security; resulting in optimum performance.

Finally in Italy the legendary Power Gripps, now called VERSA GRIPPS, used by great champions such as Dexter Jackson and Ronnie Coleman, Mr. Olympia. For those who are used to lift weights it’s easy to appreciate the help that these "training friends” can offer. Versa Gripps is a clever patent useful to improve your gym workouts. Versa Gripps protect hands and offer a safer and powerful grip. Comfortable and easy to use with adjustable hook. Loop wrist closure provides a comfortable, customized fit. Unique custom engineered material, almost indestructible, designed to last in time. Find again your brain-muscle connection with Versa Gripps!

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