Versa Gripps Professional Limited Edition

Wrist support
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Limited edition!
People used to large weights knows what incredible help you can get from this silent "training partner."
Versa Gripps can improve your workouts at the gym, but not only, it may be useful in several other occasions in daily life.
Versa Gripps not only protects the hand but offers a more secure and powerful grip, both if you have to push or to pull.
Handy and easy to use, the cuff around the  wrist is padded and the closure is secured with a strap and velcro.
Amazing material that protects the hand, almost indestructible, intended to last.
Find again mind-muscle connection with Versa Gripps!

Pay attention to the measures that we report here, referring to the wrist circumference:

S: about 15-17 cm
L: 17-20 cm
XL: more than 20 cm

Available in 4 different colours!

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