Vegan Bar SINGOLA 1 x 40 g

Vegan Protein Bar
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Protein Bar.
Delicious 30% protein bar, perfect  to be taken in the context of a vegetarian and vegan diet.
Thanks to the nutritional characteristics of soy and pea protein, Vegan Bar provides  a perfect nutritional profile, especially suitable for people who cares about  well-being and physical shape.
Suitable for vegans.

Bar of 40 g.

Crispy Nuts (Walnuts) flavour

Per bar (40 g)
Energy 644 kJ - 153 kcal
Fat 4 g
 of which saturates 1.3 g
Carbohydrate 18 g
 of which sugars 7 g
Protein 12 g
Salt 0.44 g

Per 100 g
Energy 1610 kJ - 382 kcal
Fat 10 g
 of which saturates 3.3 g
Carbohydrate 45 g
 of which sugars 18 g
Protein 30 g
Salt 1 g

 The package contains 1 bar (40 g).

Ingredients: glucose syrup, soy protein isolate, fructose syrup, soy crisps [soy protein isolate, rice flour, barley extract (contains gluten), salt], pea protein isolate, humectant: glycerol ; dates paste, rice flour,  peanuts paste, emulsifier: soy lecithin, coconut oil, cashew nuts (1,7%), peanuts (1,7%), almonds (1,7%), macadamia (0,9%), pecans (0,9%), toasted pistachios (0,9%), wheat flour, sugar, sea salt, natural flavours, barley malt extract, sunflower oil.

Processed in a facility that also handles milk and egg.

Notice: the nutritional values and ingredients may vary according to flavour. The indicated values refer to a specific flavour.

Keep in a cool, dry place.
VitaminCenter reminds the importance to follow a healthy lifestyle and a varied, balanced diet.

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