Original Nylon Workout Belt 2006

Back support shaped belt

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Schiek is the leading brand in the United States for sports accessories, especially  bodybuilding. It is enough to say that Jay Cutler provided his name and image for this beloved line by many professionals for the quality of materials and extreme robustness. The Schiek company, which bears the name of its founder, has kept artisanal quality and each piece is made with painstaking care to ensure long-lasting comfort.  O.N. Workout Belt is not the classic belt to do weights, but has been designed in its patented form to provide perfect  back and abdominal support while performing intense exercises. The beaded and reinforced contour is tested for the greatest possible comfort and the closure, also patented, is provided with Slide 'n' Grip Velcro system which ensures a perfect fit and seal. If you train seriously this beautiful and useful accessory becomes really essential.

Chart to select the size that suits you better (approximate range, the Velcro closure offers several options):

- Waist 68 to 81 = S
- Waist 78 to 91 = M
- Waist from 89 to 104 = L
- Waist 101 to 114 = XL


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