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Organic Peeled Oats 400 g


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Organic Peeled Oats 400 g

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Oats  is a cereal of ancient origins and traditions,  it is an excellent source of proteins and vitamin B1 and B2 as well as antioxidants.  It is ideal to consume during convalescence and during breastfeeding.

Per 100 g

Energy value 370 kcal
Proteins 12.6 g
Carbohydrates 61.2 g
Fats 7.1 g

Ingredients: * oats (Avena sativa). * from organic farming.

How to use: wash the cereals before and after soaking to remove impurities, if any. Oats must be cooked with a 1:2 ratio of water and allowed to simmer gently with a little salt for about 1 hour. It can be seasoned with vegetables or combined with vegetable soup that will thus be enriched with valuable nutrients.

It may contain traces of nuts
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