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Lasonil Termico Collo/Spalle/Polso Confezione 3 cerotti


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Lasonil Termico Collo/Spalle/Polso Confezione 3 cerotti

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EC Medical Device.
Self-heating bands for neck, shoulder and wrist.
The self-heating band spreads muscle relaxing heat for 8 hours, and provide relief from muscle and joint pain.
Apply directly to the sore area.
Heat increases blood flow, reduces stiffness and muscle spasms and relaxes sore muscles.
No perfumes, no medicines; discreet and ideal to use everywhere.
8 hours heat against pain.
Ergonomic and flexible.
Each pack contains 3 self-heating bands.

If used improperly, the self-heating bands can cause burns also  at low temperature.
Follow the instructions and check frequently.

To prevent the risk of burns:
- Allow air to circulate and do not put pressure on the band, such as lying on the band or wearing tight clothing;
- If the sensation of heat became excessive or if irritation occurs, immediately discontinue its use;
- The self-heating band should be used with careful supervision in case of use by persons who are not able to remove it as elderly or disabled;
- Do not use the self-heating band while you sleep;
- Do not use for more than 8 hours over a 24 hours period;
- Never use this self-heating band on other parts of the body but neck, shoulders and wrist;
- In case of use by elderly or people with sensitive skin, apply the adhesive side on a piece of clothing.

Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using this product in case of:
- circulation problems or heart disease;
- diabetes;
- nerve injury or impaired sensitivity;
- skin problems;
- rheumatoid arthritis;
- pregnancy.

Do not use:
- in children under 12 years old;
- in people who have had allergic reactions to medications or cosmetics in the past;
- a reddened area, inflamed of injured / bruised / sore skin;
- on areas of the body where the heat cannot be perceived;
- in combination with other creams, ointments or lotions applied to the skin or close to other heat sources;
- If you are bedridden or prone to manifest skin ulcers;
- not overly manipulate the band: the heat will develop within a few minutes;
- do not cut or tear the band;
- do not heat the band in the microwave nor try to re-heat it;
- do not put in contact with water or other liquid.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
The components can be harmful if swallowed or if they come into direct contact with skin or eyes:  if ingested, rinse mouth with water. If they come into contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water. In both cases consult with a doctor immediately.

With regard to the products of the Vitamin Center catalog with the nature of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices, medical devices and similar principals, we specify clearly that: all of the content, in any form realized, (texts, images, even photographic , technical and non-technical descriptions, etc.), have only for informative and not advertising purposes, functional to mere knowledge of the potential customer, during  pre-sales of each item and / or any relevant characteristic of the products sold by Vitamin Center. The above to protect consumers and in compliance with applicable legislation. Vitamin Center does not make any express or implied warranty as to the results achieved by the application of the therapies carried out on your own through the tools presented  in the catalog.

Components: iron, water and active charcoal.

1. Make sure the area of application is clean and dry.
2. Open the sachet by hand (do not cut), take out and unwind the band.
3. Gently remove the protective film from both sides.
4. Apply the adhesive side to the sore area.
5. After use, carefully remove the band.

Please note that the self-heating bands heat up gradually and reach the maximum heat in about 30 minutes.
The band is activated by air: do not open the bag until you are ready to use it.
If after 7 days your pain worsens or does not change, discontinue the use and consult with a doctor as this could be indicative of a more serious condition.
Each self-heating band is disposable. For external use only.
You may notice a slight redness of the skin after removing the band - if it doesn’t disappear after a few hours, discontinue the use of the band until the redness does not disappear completely.

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