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Kamut, Spelt and Rice Pasta

Kamut pasta is made using a particular type of wheat, or kamut, which has very valuable nutritional characteristics. Kamut primarily contains high amounts of minerals, some of which are very precious such as selenium, zinc and magnesium; protein intake is also equally rich. Classic pasta, as noted, is a food rich in carbohydrates and low in proteins, so the main difference between kamut pasta and traditional pasta is just detectable in the profoundly different contribution of proteins. Right because it is a food that provides a lot of energy and a high intake of proteins, definable in all respects as a kind of protein pasta, kamut pasta is an excellent dish for all people who burn many calories during the day, such as athletes. Kamut pasta is considered a first choice food especially for those who practice sports and require muscle power, or in general, where the purpose is to develop muscle mass, such as Body Building. Kamut pasta, instead, is to be avoided when a person is following a slimming diet, unless it is consumed in low quantities; among the nutritional properties of kamut wheat, there is indeed an important contribution of lipids, substances that you should reduce if you want to get rid of extra pounds.

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