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Golamir 2Act 21 cpr


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Golamir 2Act 21 cpr

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EC Medical Device.
Golamir 2Act tablets is an innovative medical device that relieves pain and irritation through an indirect and protective anti-inflammatory action of the oropharyngeal mucosa.
Suitable in case of sore throat for the treatment of irritative and inflammatory states of the oropharyngeal cavity, which can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergens or from contact with irritants external agents (smoke, smog, dust).
The product is also suitable when  nasal secretions are cooling down in the throat and can cause irritation.
Golamir 2Act thanks to ActiFilm DOL, its active natural complex,  acts on pain, burning and difficulty in swallowing, protecting the mucosa by triggers causing irritation.
It can be used from 6 years of age.
Golamir 2Act for its mechanism of action may also be used in combination with drug treatments prescribed by your doctor.
Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils relieve throat discomfort because of their refreshing properties.
The product is 100% natural, gluten-free and with a pleasant taste.

Do not use in case of known hypersensitivity to the product or any of its ingredients. If symptoms persist consult with your doctor. Keep at room temperature, away from heat sources and light. Keep out of the reach of children. Read the warnings carefully.

With regard to the products of the Vitamin Center catalog with the nature of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices, medical devices and similar principals, we specify clearly that: all of the content, in any form realized, (texts, images, even photographic , technical and non-technical descriptions, etc.), have only for informative and not advertising purposes, functional to mere knowledge of the potential customer, during  pre-sales of each item and / or any relevant characteristic of the products sold by Vitamin Center. The above to protect consumers and in compliance with applicable legislation. Vitamin Center does not make any express or implied warranty as to the results achieved by the application of the therapies carried out on your own through the tools presented  in the catalog.

Active ingredients: ActiFilm DOL, active natural complex consisting of: tannin and flavonoid fraction from Agrimonia, polysaccharide fraction from Aloe vera leaf gel, resin fraction from Myrrh. Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils.
It also contains: cane sugar, mint and eucalyptus natural flavours.

Take one tablet 3-4 times a day, leaving it to dissolve slowly in the mouth.
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