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DUR.Durex - SYNC 6 pz.


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DUR.Durex - SYNC 6 pz.

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Sync is a condom designed for the couple, it can synchronize mutual pleasure restoring balance in love. Besides giving protection it is conceived to boost the fun. Sync  contains a special lube and stimulant ribs that are suitable to  synchronize passion and make love a long lasting, intense and pleasant for both experience. Thanks to its "Easy-on" shape with the tank, Sync condom provides higher comfort. Durex condoms are medical devices EC 0120. They confer protection from sexually transmitted diseases.


  • For mutual pleasure
  • Preservativi trasparenti in lattice di gomma naturale
  • Special lubricant to help last longer. Containing benzocaine 5% 
  • With extra stimulants dots and ribs
  • "Easy-On" and teat ended shape for  added comfort and fit
  •  Nominal width: 56mm
  • Available in pack of 6.
Keep in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.
With regard to the products of the Vitamin Center catalogue having the nature of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices  and similar, we clearly specify that all the contents realized in any form, (texts, images, even photos , and non-technical descriptions, etc.), have purely informative and not advertising functions, to the mere knowledge of the potential customer, before purchasing  concerning each item and / or feature of the products sold by Vitamin Center Srl.  In compliance with the above consumer protection rules and regulations in force.
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