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Vitamin B
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B COMPLEX is a supplement of B vitamins, each capsule provides 150% of the RDA.

Per 1 capsule
Choline 20 mg
Inositol 20 mg
Betaine 20 mg
Niacin 24 mg
Pantothenic acid 9 mg
Vitamin B6 2,1 mg
Vitamin B2 2,1 mg
Vitamin B1 1,7 mg
Folic Acid 300 mcg
Biotin 75 mcg
Vitamin B12 3,8 mcg
PABA 20 mg

Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule); Betaine; Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA); Microcrystalline Cellulose; Choline Bitartrate; Inositol; Niacin; Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5); Vitamin B6; Anti-caking agents: Silica and Magnesium stearate; Vitamin B2; Vitamin B1; Folic acid; Biotin, Vitamin B12, Colourants: Titanium dioxide (capsule).
* Contains maltodextrin, corn starch, arabic gum.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. The supplements are not intended as a substitute to a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children below the age of 3 years. VitaminCenter reminds you of the importance of following healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.
Store in a cool dry place. Carefully reseal the container after use.

NOTICE:In December 2012 a new Commission Regulation establishing a list of permitted health claims started applying. Vitamin Center is working with its suppliers and consultants in order to guarantee a complete and fast update in compliance with the Ministry of Health requirements. Please, feel free to contact us for any further information.

Take 1 capsule with main meals.

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