Advanced Omega D3

Alaskan wild salmon oil
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ADVANCED OMEGA D3 contains oil from wild salmon, fished in Alaska cold, clear waters. Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) is one of the richest and purest sources of EPA and DHA (omega-3). Alaskan wild salmon oil has a very high omega-3/omega-6 ratio (15:1) and therefore it helps balance omega-6 levels. It also supplies omega-5, omega-7 and omega-9. EPA and DHA omega-3 have positive effects on fat metabolism and support cardiovascular health (at least 2 softgels daily (DHA+EPA 382 mg)). DHA supports brain and vision health (at least 3 softgels daily (DHA 270 mg)).
Softgels undergo purifying procedures that eliminate mercury, PCB’s, and other polluting substances, while preserving the integrity of the oil.
ADVANCED OMEGA D3 also supplies Vitamin D3, which is important to bones, teeth, immune system and muscles, and Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus pluvialis).

Amount per serving (3 softgels):
Alaskan wild salmon 3600 mg
     Omega-3 750 mg
          EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 303 mg
          DHA (docosaesaenoic acid) 270 mg
          DPA (docosapentaenoic acid) 61.5 mg
Other fatty acids 115.5 mg
Omega-5 2.85 mg
Omega-6 72 mg
Omega-7 288 mg 
Omega-9 576 mg
Astaxanthin 30 mcg
Vitamin D3 (300 UI) 7.5 mcg

Ingredients: gelatin, firming agent: glycerol; antioxidant: mixed tocopherols; flavors, rosemary leaf extract (Rosmarinus officinalis L.), clary essential oil (Salvia sclarea L.), thyme essential oil (Thymus vulgaris L.), astaxanthin, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

Allergen information: contains fish.
Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. Dietary supplements are not intended to substitute a varied and balanced diet. VitaminCenter reminds you of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.
Take 3 softgels daily, preferably with meals.
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