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The Com Diet & Spot Reduction 366 pag.

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The Com Diet & Spot Reduction 366 pag.

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  • The COM diet (an acronym for the italian CronOrMorfo dieta) is an integrated approach that takes the Chronobiology of Hormones and the Morphology of human beings into account. We are not all the same, and finding the right diet and type of physical exercise for each of us is essential for achieving good health. Certain morphologies or body shapes are linked to specific character traits. All of which, as we all know, is related to genetics, which influences our development according to our predispositions. Yet we also know now that epigenetics (namely the influence of the external environment) plays a key role in allowing certain predispositions to manifest themselves: “We are born as we are, we become what we eat, how we move and how we think!”. The COM diet takes into account the individual’s morphology (apple, pear or pepper-shaped) which corresponds with the prevalence of specific hormones. The influence these hormones have on fat distribution can, in part, be controlled and modified by the choice of foods in terms of quality, quantity and Chronology. As a result, localised weight loss is promoted. The Spot Reduction is a method of training that consist in adequately stimulating the muscles under the accumulation of fat in order to promote the circulatory flow and lipolysis in adipose tissue. As a result of this localized fat loss is promoted. Author: Massimo Spattini M.D. 366 Pages
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