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Grano Saraceno Busta 1 x 90 g

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Grano Saraceno Busta 1 x 90 g

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  • These sprouts have a quite long germination time: the sprout is ready when the black seed integument is almost completely detached from the sprout. The right amount of moisture, heat and light contribute to the detachment of the integument. Given the size of the seed, it is easy that mold is produced: therefore water frequently avoiding excess water for the first 5-6 days.

  • May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, soy, mustard. Keep in a cool, dry place.

  • Soak the seeds for about 10 hours and check that there are no broken seeds that should be removed. Eventually rinse and place on a sprouter. Using a multi-tiered sprouter put in a uniform manner. For this seed you can use all kinds of sprouters. In any case water them 2-3 times a day until complete germination (as in the table). Sprouts can be kept in the refrigerator where they will continue to grow for several days. Before taking them, it is recommended to wash them with products and doses normally used for salads.

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